A show that you will never forget!

He knows what, how, when and IF you are thinking! For years to come, your guests will thank you for letting them experience Mindgames. Everybody will be captivated, speechless and absolutely amazed. There is also a lot of laughter. Lars-Peter Loeld is one of Europe's leading mind readers and mentalists. He introduced the concept of Mindgames/Mentalism in Scandinavia in 1999 and has since then conducted more than 2000 performances for Swedish and international corporations all over Europe!
Loeld presents an interactive thought provoking show that you have never experienced before. It seems that Loeld has the ability to read other people's thoughts, foresee the future, reveal who is lying and telling details of the participants that he can not possibly know. He uses his five senses to create the illusion that he has a sixth! Loeld is not a psychic, he is merely a mind reader and a mentalist. He creates a show with your thoughts! Loeld has entertained and inspired corporations across Europe for more then 35 years. He has appeared in over 40 television programs.
He inspires you, thrills you and makes you "think" and laugh! He also has a degree in Behavioural Science, so you can feel safe! This is no ordinary show. This is Mindgames.

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I had the pleasure to work with Lars-Peter several times. He was great to work with and he has really very high level skills, super creative, fun and made a big energy boost to our people/company. I really really can recommend him when it comes to getting your staff excited, motivated and just thrilled. Best we ever had!!
Öjje Holt Acamp